waziri kiongoz

As we always open our doors to volunteers and guests who would like to pay a visit in our School, this week we had a visitor from Rhotia valley children’s home Wendela luigies who works on an OX laptop program (located in Karatu) also she is volunteering at Merera primary school on the computer parts.

Her visitation on Zanzibits aimed to see precisely what we’re doing and besides to fortify the existing relationship between Zanzibits and Rotia valley children’s home, two of our alumni went to volunteer at her center and they did their works excellently and this resulted into incentive to this visitation.

The meeting is optimistically advantageous to both Zanzibits and Rhotia valley children’s home, since we’ve discussed on the likelihood of working together in the future.

She met with all of Zanzibits staffs, she got the chance to visit students in their class and saw some works made by the students, and she was very excited seeing the amazing works presented by the students.

This was the time where the students worked on designing the neighborhood websites, of cause she had a lot to share with the students since she is website analyst by professionalism.

Wendela tipped the students with lesson on how to improve their designs to be accessible and appealing to every visitor.
The student thanked Wendela for her passion to share with them what she has and they promised to keep the tips into operational format for the upcoming designs

Zanzibits and its all team would like to thank Wendela for her visit and help, please fill free to come again. Have a nice trip back to Holland.


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